• Paging Dr. Climate

    Paging Dr. Climate

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    At Scoville, we read a lot of reports and track a lot of coverage on topics related to climate change. We were intrigued recently by a new report that showed …
  • Dial Up Your Preferred Greenhouse Gas Concentration

    Dial Up Your Preferred Greenhouse Gas Concentration

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    One study that has attracted attention in the high-tech algae industry recently concluded that if the world replaced a modest amount of its animal feed with algae-derived alternatives we could …
  • Renewables Show Impressive Growth in 2015

    Renewables Show Impressive Growth in 2015

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    The December 2015 UNFCCC conference in Paris placed climate change squarely in the public spotlight for the final quarter of the year. In the months leading up to the conference, …
  • Go Dog Go

    Go Dog Go

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    Of all the mind-blowing potentialities made possible by the hype surrounding self driving cars (i.e. moving conference rooms, fully reclining seats with flat screens, accident avoidance features, etc.), what gets …
  • GSA Supports Sustainability

    GSA Supports Sustainability

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    There are few things that people follow as closely as professional sports. It is thus not surprising that teams and players frequently dominate news cycles either for their athletic achievements …


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Emily Parkhurst

Friendly reminder: Amazon is a Seattle company. This is not Silicon Valley's takeover of the grocery industry. Seattle is 800 miles north.

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Emily Banks

Hey Apple, fix this now please

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@dropcarapp crushing it in NYC where you'd have to be nuts to own a car, without DropCar via @slate

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The Stakes in the Paris Climate Deal. @nytimes:

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Renewable energy gen in the U.S. dramatically exceeds 2012 predictions - thx to plummeting prices! #renewables