At the turn of the century when gas was cheap and the economy was slow, the idea that someday people would live in cities and not own cars was considered crazy. Then Zipcar, Uber and bikesharing happened. And now, thanks to Google, Apple, GM, Ford and just about everyone else, the day is soon coming when we simply order up a self-driving car to take us where we want to go.
Scoville has been in the urban mobility space since 2000, playing a lead role in shaping discussion and vision for a future that is vastly different from one we’ve ever known. Through our work in car, bike and office sharing, we see (and in fact live) the very future that’s unfolding before our eyes.

"No one knows car sharing, the sharing economy and urban transportation better than Scoville. A trusted partner to Zipcar for more than a decade, we rely on them to help us set our agenda and deliver our message globally."

- Kaye Ceille, President of Zipcar