We’ve entered an era where products made from sustainable materials (and produced sustainably) no longer need to sacrifice cost or performance in order to be green. Turns out that research, development and innovation are very much alive and well in the manufacturing space, and it’s now biomaterials' time to shine.
Scoville has been working in biomaterials since 2006, and we’ve played a role in some of the most historic milestones in the industry, from the world’s first biojet flight, to the opening of the nation’s largest biodiesel facility, to the introduction of a new light bulb. Today, we represent clients showing the world that they can have it all — cost, performance and sustainability.

"We've worked with Scoville since 2008, and they've created and executed PR strategies for us that met us where we were, and took us where we wanted to go. Incredibly creative yet technical enough to understand our chemistry."

-Mike Knauf, CEO Rivertop Renewables