• Scoville Public Relations
  • We position idealistic, tech-driven companies for success in the real world. Our proven process creates thought leaders, drives acquisition and inspires loyalty amongst employees, customers and partners.


We are a public relations firm dedicated to helping early stage companies accelerate the commercial success of innovative products and technologies that will increase the sustainability of life on this planet. Over the years, we’ve developed specific expertise across a range of industries, enabling us to do more than just shop press releases. We provide strategic counsel on messaging and positioning, based on our history of working with clients in specific industries.



Good PR shouldn’t be out of reach for early stage companies, especially when their solutions can make a difference in the world. Scoville PR is purpose-built to serve entrepreneurs and startups, from the people we hire, to how we work and to the services we offer.


While we are idealists about the future we are realists about the present: sometimes companies don’t need 12 months of PR. We offer clients three levels of engagement. The first two fixed-fee, deliverables-based programs, called Backpack, and Toehold, are designed to help small companies with big ideas get coverage at a low cost. The third, called Sherpa, is a more traditional arrangement, where we act as your full-fledged PR representatives on an ongoing monthly basis.


We love to chat about startups and hear about the next
technology or service that will change the world for good.